Amanam Blend is a light sweet crude which has dramatically improved in quality since production began in the Amanam oil field in 2003. It has an average API gravity of 39° and a low sulfur content (< 0.1% S). The average production in 2010 was 115,000 bpd.

Loading Facilities – Port data Location: Nigeria, West Africa Odudu terminal – FSO – UNITY. Located at Lat. 4°00’ N – Long. 7° 45’ E



This crude oil is produced in Nigeria from ChevronTexaco and Shell concessions. ChevronTexaco’s exports are throughput and loaded from the Shell-operated Bonny Terminal, which can accommodate Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) loading. The typical cargo size is 950,000 bbls. The API gravity for Bonny Light is between 32°-35° and the sulfur content is 0.2%. The typical cargo size for this FOB assessment is 950,000 bbls and the grade loads at the Shell-operated Bonny Terminal. The current bbl/mt conversion factor for Bonny Light crude oil is 7.526 and typical output is around 540,000 bpd.

Other specifications: API 32.9°, S.G. 0.8607, Sulfur 0.16%, Pour point 19°F, TAN 0.28 mg KOH/g, Nickel 3.9 ppm, Vanadium 0.4 ppm, Viscosity (40°C) 4.16 cSt.



Forcados is a Nigerian crude with low sulfur and metal content. It is rich in distillates and has low fuel content. This crude has a larger distillate refining profile. Its API gravity is 24.4° and has a sulfur content of 0.18% and it loads at the Shell-operated Forcados Terminal on the Niger Delta. Average production is roughly 420,000 bpd. The current bbl/mt conversion factor for Forcados crude oil is 7.223.

Loading Facilities: Forcados terminal.

Other specifications: Pour point <-36 °C, TAN 0.57 mg KOH/g, Nickel 1.9ppm, Vanadium 0.1ppm, Viscosity (40°C) 11.05 cSt.



This crude oil is produced from numerous offshore fields in the Bight of Biafra in south-eastern Nigeria, east of the Oso field. The crude, from fields 20 to 40 miles offshore from Nigeria’s South Eastern region, is brought to shore via a seabed pipeline system to the Qua Iboe terminal (QIT). Production currently averages around 400,00 bpd. ExxonMobil, as field operator, holds 40% interest in the field production mix with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) having the remaining 60%. The API gravity for Qua Ibo is 36°and the sulfur content is 0.1%. The Qua Iboe terminal is operated by ExxonMobil and output is typically around 520,000 bpd. The current bbl/mt conversion factor for Qua Iboe crude oil is 7.45.

Other specifications: S.G. 0.8461, Sulfur 0.13%, Pour point 12°C, TAN 0.40 mg KOH/g, Nickel 4.6 ppm, Vanadium 0.5 ppm, Viscosity (40°C) 3.92 cSt.